How To Pay NOUN School Fees in Installment 2017

THE issue with the high cost of schooling in NOUN has always been a huge problem for students of the institution, but here on NOUN.COM.NG, we have discovered a very easy way on how you can pay through installment.

The truth is that we all know that money is not easy to come by these days, but we have also make payment easy for students, only if they can make use of it.

We would love to inform all aspirants and Students, that they don’t have to wait till the semester starts before looking for the money to pay school fees. Students are advised to load their e-wallet as they have extra cash with them.

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Take for example, a students that need to pay like a total amount of Fifty thousand Naira (N50,000) for one semester can start saving up for it from the previous semester, and can even start by paying any amount he/she has into his/her e-wallet.

This is a very simple but effective method of saving yourself the stress when the time comes for you to pay your school fees. You can pay little by little before the semester even start.

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Rake note that the day you have N1,000 extra cash, pay it into your e-wallet. Another day you have N1,500 extra cash, you pay into the e-wallet too, you can continue paying money into your e-wallet account and at the end you will be surprised how much you already have in your e-wallet when the semester starts.

The major point here is for you to be pro-active and plan ahead. Don’t wait till the semester starts before “hustling” for your school fee.

The team wish all students, peace, success in their studies!

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