Frequently Asked Questions – Answers to Your Questions About NOUN

We have gone through our comments and here are the top 12 Most asked questions about NOUN! We are not just listing the questions here, but with the help of NOUN officials and staff members, here are the VERY best answers to Your questions, which are listed below.


NOUN Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Why are the following programmes not offered:

Political Science,
Business Administration,
Library Science?

Answer: Like other conventional universities, NOUN cannot start all programmes at the time. However, the present collection of available programmes was informed by a market survey which revealed the areas of lack/insufficient professional hands in the society.

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Question 2: Please can you take time to fully explain what Criminology and Security Studies and, Peace and Conflict Resolution are all about.
Are they in any way similar or associated with/to Law?

Answer: Here’s an explaination as to what criminology and Security Studies is:

This is a programme that is very relevant to the activities of Security agents.

Peace and Conflict Resolution: While Peace and Conflict Resolution is a programme which is associated and relevant to the present day needs as per resolving conflicts around the world.

For example, in Nigeria there is a commission which is set up for this particular purpose. For the three programmes there are common courses which are offered.

Question 3: Can a law be put in place for multinational companies to request for NOUN students for industrial training?

Answers: This law can not be put in place for now, because this is not even DONE by the Nigeria Universities and, NOUN is not an exception to this.

Question 4: Where and how frequent will practical hold for Nursing, Information Technology etc

Answer: When the time comes such students will be duly informed and the full information will be released to the public through this platform of NOUN for Nigerians,

Question 5: Will I serve after graduation, that is, will i be able to serve in NYSC?

Answer: Yes! all NOUN graduands will  serve their country. However, since NYSC specifies Age, ONLY students whose age fall within the NYSC age range will serve the nation.

Question 6: Can I write the NOUN examination in any Study Centre which is closest to me?

Answer: Even if you are not closer to your study centre during the exam period, you can not, and will not write the the exam in any other study center. You can only write your exam at the Study Centre which holds your registration record.

Question 7: When do I go for NOUN registration?

Answer: THE date of commencement of registration will be communicated to you through the platform news portal at

Question 8: Can anyone change their study centre after a successful registration?

Answer: Absolutely Yes! You can do so, but with clearly stated reasons for the change which you must submit to the new center. Please meet your leader before making such move.

Question 9: Why can’t aspirants/students register once in a session instead of every semester?

Answer: Well, it would be nice to register once a session, but the truth is that you have to pay per semester, and this is because, payments are determined by the number of courses one offers per semester. Hope you understand.

Question 10: Can payment be made by installment (half payment)?

Answer: No, NOUN is not an exception in this, other Nigeria Universities also made it clear that you can’t make payment by installment.

However, if you are having financial difficulties, you can pick the number of courses you can afford at a time, which is why we made it mandatory for students to register per session.

Question 11: Can we purchase our course materials from bookshops?

The answer is clearly No. You must buy it within your study centers. However, you can purchase/buy other materials that can help you in your studies.

Question 12: When do I resume? Date should be written on admission letter.

Answer: Well, every academic institutions have their protocols, in NOUN, the resumption date is usually communicated to the student through NOUN website (

Question 13: Please does NOUN operate on the principle of awaiting results?

Answer: No

Question 14: Can any student enter into 200level in Noun, when you have lower credit in your National Diploma (ND) result?

Answer: sorry, but you must have upper credit to start from 200 level. Except for some study centres where they’ll give you a pass. You can try out the study centres in your state and see if they’ll accept you.

Question 15:  please how much is the Political Science 200 level 2nd Semester fee?

Answer: School Fees: Thirteen thousand Naira Only (N13,000)
This is because the registration depends on the outline of new course, which are been update. But the examination registration would be Ten thousand Naira Only (10k)

You should note that basic first, is Thirteen thousand Naira Only (N13,000)

First semester 200 level students are required to pay twenty three thousand naira for school fees.

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